Darkness, my closest friend

I am neither a child of light nor a child of love

I am the friendless one who walks alone in the shadows of life

Persecuted just for being different than the rest of the human race

I am a leper in society that people stare at with vile disgust in their eyes

Oh, how it makes my blood boil to be looked down upon by others who are no better than me, that breathe the same air as me, who must sleep, and wake like me.

Who are you to judge me? Who are you to mock me? You are nothing to me but insignificant maggots that one day I will step on and crush under foot!

I am shunned by society just for my mere mortal existence, I have never raped or murdered anybody, but still I am treated like a common criminal by people who are no more than criminals themselves, who should be locked up for the lies and slanderous remarks they have made about me!

I am a human being just like everyone else with a divine right to live, but the bastards out there begrudge me for the very air I breathe?

Fuck you all! If this what so called Christian society is all about, then I want no part of it. Who needs false friends that stab you in the back and are all sweet as pie when they are in your presence. But when you walk away, they talk behind your back, like the spineless cunts that they are who don't have the intestinal fortitude to say things to your face?

Fucking cowards, Christian society is full of cowards. Come shout your slanderous remarks remarks to my face, degrade me to my face, spit in my face if you've got the balls. You are nothing but weak, spineless cowards that I hate and despise, typical Christians assholes, pathetic, weak, insufferable morons. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to tear you apart with my bare hands.

If this is what Christian society is, then I want no part of it. I would rather talk to a brick wall, than with any person in this so called civilized world, because these idiots don't even know what the word civil even means. 

They say the Moon is a companion for the lonely to talk to. If that is true? Then she must be my mistress. for many secrets have I shared with her on cold starry nights, and I know they are safe with her and  she will never stab me in the back.

I hate the waking hours of day, because that's when the gossipers are out spreading their lies about this one and that one, but darkness is my closest friend and I conceal myself in it's black veil to make sure that this is one they can't and won't be gossiping about ever again.

If I ever return to this fucked up world, I hope I return as a vampire. For I despise the light of day and would love to live by night.

Darkness is my closest friend, the black, the quiet, the emptiness and the eeriness. Almost like death, alive, but yet not living. Am I one of the living dead already? Drained of life and happiness by this Christian society and their gossip mongering?

Darkness my truest friend, it hides me from the hurtful, spiteful bastards of the daylight world, and it will never stab me in the back of slander my name.

If I could reach up and paint the sky, I would make it black forever more.