Damon is a part time writer who gears his books toward the older teens and new adult fiction genres. He is a heavy metal maniac and semi-pro rock drummer, and he has serious plans of getting back behind the drums once again after a 20 year hiatus because according to Damon "Nothing beats the rush of getting on stage. It's a high that can't be described and you don't need drugs to enjoy it. I just loved playing and really miss it, so I've decided to get back out there and find a band to rock out with," apart from writing he is also a Martial Artist and and believer of the Paranormal along with an interest in Cryptozoology. He has been fascinated by the paranormal and the occult from a very young age and has many books on the subjects, and as he says himself "All this paranormal stuff is just fuel for my imagination." He has very strong beliefs when it comes to his religious practices and he'll let your imaginations fill in the blanks on that one.