What if your dream life in a new country, became your worst nightmare?

When Ben Connors, Roger Ryan, Jackie Anderson, and Sarah Thomas all met, they got more than they bargained for. From the word go, hell was hot on their trail, casting them into a world where the supernatural and paranormal reign supreme. Fate had brought them together for a reason, to fight the forces of evil and the dominions of hell. They were four young people with their uncomplicated lives, until evil reared its ugly head forcing them to take action and go into battle, with a whole load of trouble to follow.

The Devil himself decides to get involved and tries his best to destroy our heroes, sending maniacs, demons and a whole lot more to destroy them before his ultimate goal can be accomplished. When the four met, they set in motion the countdown to Armageddon and now is Satan's chance to return and wreak havoc upon the human race, the only thing standing in his way are the Awesome four and he will stop at nothing to destroy them. His chainsaw wielding terror named Harry Gordon, who gives up his soul to become an immortal killing machine that leaves bodies strewn all round him and as he encounters the four heroes, blood is going fly. Satan even tricks the four into travelling to the future under the pretense they are protecting the new Messiah. When Stephanie the vampire queen comes to town all hell breaks loose and poor Ben becomes a tortured man, and when something strange happens to his beloved Jackie things get a little confusing. As we catch up with Ben and Roger, we find them standing at Dublin airport ready to embark on a new life of sun, sea, and happiness. If only that were true. Let's join them now and follow their journey from ordinary saps to American Heroes.

Two men, two women, a vampire, a news reporter and a whole lotta trouble!

Ben, Roger, Jackie and Sarah are back for another set of awesome adventures. Satan has created even more monstrous demons that he will use to eradicate his arch enemies, the four guardians that now protect the last gateway, the key piece of his triumphant return and the clock is ticking down. His newest creation that he has called Hell fire, will soon be unleashed upon the unsuspecting citizens of Los Angeles leaving death and carnage in its wake. Ben and Jackie’s wedding day brings an uninvited guest who disrupts the proceedings making sure that they won’t have a happy ever after. Stephanie has been taken from Jackie’s body and is now a tortured prisoner in her father’s molten domain, but she will stop at nothing to re-join Ben and the others in the fight against him. Then Satan’s ultimate creations, the Slayers. Four behemoths with a blood lust that cannot be satiated and it is during their battle with these demonic killers they encounter another ally, one that will become an indispensable asset in their fight against Evil.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the poor drunken Cemetery caretaker Ronald Logan who get’s taken in by Satan’s promises of great rewards and a place in the new Hell when he finally returns, and turns Ronald into something that isn’t quite human but not dead or living either! So, let’s jump into this new set of adventures and see what horrifying and sometimes comical situations our heroes will find themselves in this time.




Armageddon is mere days away and things are getting a little crazy for our four heroes. Satan is about to unleash the forces of Hell, with an infinite army ready to invade and destroy, making way for the new Hell, all that stands in his way of accomplishing his vile goals are the Awesome Four, Stephanie and Cindy shields.

The countdown has begun and the future of humanity lays with our heroes who discover their importance in the upcoming battle, why they are the chosen ones and whom their allies will be. Satan tries his best to eradicate the Four by turning ordinary people into cold-blooded killers, sending demons and shape changers to wipe out the four along with his daughter Stephanie who has joined the four in the battle against him.

The end of the world is coming, and religious leaders from around the globe know of the impending doom, but keep quiet hoping they can stop it. No amount of praying, no final confessions will help to avert this war. The prophets of old predicted this day would come, but no one listened. Ben and the others know they cannot avoid this battle, and Los Angeles and the entire state of California is ground zero.

Four warriors a vampire and a news reporter are the Earths only hope, they will face the greatest threat to humanity the world has ever known but who will believe them? The United States has its own warriors from the Military, the Marines, National Guard, Navy seals and the most powerful weapons, but Hell has an infinite army, training for centuries for this war to end all wars, and nothing will stop them rising again to dominate this world.

Our heroes will rise to the challenge, with unreal ferocity and they will fight until they are dead. Just as there is evil, there is also good and when they least expect it, they will have an army of their own to support them.

Humanity’s darkest hour is upon us, get on your knees and pray, embrace your loved ones for it may be the last chance you will ever get to say your goodbyes, if our heroes fail.

All is not as it seems though. For one of our heroes is struggling to come to terms with this mighty battle that is imminent and which side they truly stand on, and the ultimate betrayal could yet be on the cards, could they really join the prince of darkness, after everything he has done to them in a last-ditch attempt to save their own life? Or will they see sense and do the right thing? Which ever one of our heroes it is, they had better make up their minds, and make it up fast for the first signs of Armageddon have already started, the war to end all wars is looming large on the horizon, the prophets of old were right when they called it the end of days, though how they knew this would occur is a mystery in itself, but happen it will, sooner than anyone could have predicted. The entire world is living on borrowed time, and like a time bomb the seconds are slowly ticking away, and when it reaches zero, man-kind will face its ultimate threat yet and the very real possibility of total annihilation. The doomsday clock has entered its final minutes, and no super powers on this planet can stop time from running out…

The countdown to our destruction has begun.