About my name and how I chose it?

Hi everyone,

It's your old pal Damon here with you again for another crazy post. Today I wanted to talk about my pen name and why and how I chose it? You see, I have been a practicing Satanist for quite a while now, with my interest in the Paranormal and the Occult beginning at a very young age, too young perhaps to understand the gravity of what I had discovered and it wasn't until I turned sixteen that my interest really peaked. I always knew that I didn't belong in the Catholic Church, so much so that my parents had to force me to receive my confirmation, something I hated with a passion but had to get it regardless of my protests. Even as a child, when we were taken to the Christian Mass on Sunday, I despised it with every fiber of my being, even getting close to the Church used to send ice cold chills running through me and I would have to bite my tongue to keep from saying I didn't want to be there. Even at a young age, when I saw all these pathetic people on their knees praying and grovelling to a God that no more cares about them than I do, but still they turn up week after week, get on their knees and listen to the Pathetic Priest give his long winded sermon. I turned my back on Christianity a long time ago and was so glad to be out of that ridiculous cult, and that's exactly what Christianity really is, the biggest cult in the world. I'm not going to babble on about that religion any longer, time to get to how I became Damon Ravenblood.


I have been a Satanist for a long time now, and it was something that I had to keep secret because of the Christian Society we live in. This was long before the advent of the internet so I was a closet Satanist for a long time. Any way, it was only recently that I came out about my true beliefs and the way I saw it, if people didn't like it, tough luck, this is who I am and this is what I believe in like it or not. Though my real name is Patrick M Cunningham, I felt that was not the name I wanted to write under and that name was my Christian Identifier, and seeing that I wasn't a Christian any longer I had to change it.

For weeks I tried to come up with a name that reflected my Satanic Beliefs and at the same time was unique and something that would be easy to remember. Any way, one night after praying to lord Satan for his guidance and assistance, the name came to me, just like a huge neon sign had just lit up in my mind, and there it was!



The name I was now going to be know by, Damon Ravenblood. I truly believe that almighty Satan himself bestowed that name upon me and for that I am entirely grateful, for that name symbolizes the death of my old self, the self that was Patrick M Cunningham and that my new name was my rebirth, reborn again as a Satanist, to walk upon the left hand path, to live my life in the service of Satan and nothing or no one will ever divert me from that path. I do as I please, when ever I please and nothing will stop me doing it. And as for the poor pathetic Christians, who continue to pray and grovel before their weakling God Jehovah, they will never know how to truly live their lives or know what it means to truly be free.