Finally after weeks of rewriting and editing, the first book of the Awesome Four Trilogy is now available to purchase again, with some segments completely rewritten and extended to make the reading experience more exciting and enjoyable. Why not check out the sample chapters page and see for yourself? 

The second book of the Awesome Four Trilogy is almost ready to be released. Again it took me a few weeks to get it rewritten and edited but it was well worth the effort and I am very pleased with how it has turned out. As you can see from the covers, the character of Stephanie the vampire queen is present on all three as she is playing a vital role in all the stories. I liked her character so much that during the writing, I made the decision to take her from Jackie and give her her own unique character and I'm so glad I did because as soon as I did the rest of the stories fell into place and made the book a lot easier to write, and besides she's a real bad ass with a mean streak worse than a Tasmanian Devil. Put her together with the others and you've got one hell of an  ass kicking team. Although the book is a little shorter, it packs the same clout as the first and should make for an entertaining reading experience. 

This Title Will Be re-released early in 2024.