Damon Ravenblood is an Author, Poet, Martial Artist, Believer in the Paranormal, has a keen interest in Cryptozoology and is a Theistic Satanist and Occult practitioner. He has been fascinated by the Paranormal and the Occult for many years and has many books on the subjects. He is an avid reader and loves reading books by James Herbert, Stephen King, Joe Hill, James Patterson, H.P Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe. He is also a heavy metal maniac and can listen to nothing else, he is a massive Iron Maiden fan and has drummer Nicko McBrain as one of his idols.

Damon states that "heavy metal is the best genre of music ever created, and nothing will ever come close to beating it. Not now, not ever. I truly feel sorry for the children of the so called modern age, they will never know what real music is or what real musicians sound like. Christ almighty, I hate turning on the radio these days, because the absolute shit that they play makes me want to fucking vomit. If today's kids and teens heard what true music is, I mean the real sound of heavy metal, it would probably scare the little wimps to death, can you imagine a Justin fucking Bieber fan at a Dark Funeral gig? Ha!Ha they'd probably die of fright."