Teen Fiction? Not Anymore

Hello Freaks,

It's your ol' pal Damon here again with another weekly update. As of Wednesday, I've put the final book of the Awesome Four series on hold! Why you may ask? Well, I've just got too many damn story lines and ideas running through my mind that I'm finding it so hard to focus on writing Teen Fiction. I am just itching to get started in the genre that I want to be noted for and that is the Splatterpunk Genre. As I said last in last weeks post, that genre is just bat-shit crazy with nothing but blood, gore and violence all the way. I already have the back-bone of one book pretty much finished in my mind just to get my ass in the chair and get it written. So far, with the myriad of ideas and blood soaked story lines that just started whirring through my mind at light-speed last week, I've got enough for at least four maybe five gore filled novels, and believe it or not, I haven't felt this excited about my writing in a long time, and trust me violence is something I know a lot about, the details of which I will not bore you with and along with that, I've being doing some real research and there are some real fucked up websites out there that specialize in nothing but gore, like real torture, murders, executions, street justice and whole lot more. Just watching this stuff is enough to make you want to vomit, but to a twisted creative mind like mine, it's inspiration. Now, I don't want a black mark on this here blog of mine so I won't list the sites that I use to view these horrid videos, but trust me they are out there. So with that, you can expect nothing but over the top gore and mayhem in the next few weeks as I begin my journey into the world of extreme horror and real adult oriented content. More updates on that project next week my freaky friends.


So, until then

This is your friendly Indie Author Damon Ravenblood Signing off.