A new genre beckons!

Greetings my freaky followers,

It's your friendly Indie Author Damon back with you again for another weekly post. Since I posted last week, I've been doing a lot of thinking? Now that The Awesome Four Trilogy is almost complete, and my teen fiction saga is almost at an end, what am I going to do next?

That's a good question. I could of course write more about the Awesome Four with certain spin off's that could feature out intrepid reporter Cindy Shields or even write about Stephanie the vampire queen and here exploits over the decades before she meets the Awesome Four. That's what I could do, but I'm not. Here's why. There's only so much you can write for a certain audience before you begin to get bored with your characters and you run out of story lines for them. So, within the next few months I'm really going to let my creativity loose and run wild as there is one genre of fiction I would really like to try my hand at, and it's called “Splatterpunk” and according to Wikipedia Splatterpunk

“is a movement within horror fiction originating in the 1980's, distinguished by its graphic, often gory, depiction of violence, counter-cultural alignment and "hyper-intensive horror with no limits."

Hmm! Sounds pretty cool doesn't it? There are no limits on what you can write, no limits to the amount of blood and gore you can include in your stories! This sounds like something I can really sink my teeth into, and to be honest, I already have a few ideas lined up for some real hardcore over the top adult horror.

Why would I want to write stuff like that you may ask? The simple answer is, because I want to, it's a new genre of horror fiction that is both challenging and rewarding at the same time. Stomach churning, vomit inducing, nightmare fuel is one way to describe this overlooked genre with some coining the term “Torture Porn” to describe it. Think of movies like Eli Roth's Hostel and Cabin Fever or maybe the entire SAW series. This is what writing Splatterpunk is all about, it's fiction written in blood rather than ink...


So, until next time my wonderful freaks.


 This is your pal Damon Signing off. Over and Out.